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Regentschemreview FAQs
Q1.Will this website prepare me for the upcoming Chemistry Regents Exam?

A1. In content, this website offers all that you need to pass the Regents, in your own home, at your convenience and pace. Each unit is covered to the extent that it will be tested on the Regents.

Q2. What should I do to prepare for the Regents?

A1. Here’s a good formula for success:

1st) Download the notes.

2nd) Play the videos and fill in the notes as you go along. Play, stop, rewind and forward the videos as many times as needed to understand what is presented. (If you don’t want to bother filling in the notes, you can download a copy of the filled out notes.)

3rd) Do the short quiz and see the video that explains the answers.

4th) Finally, purchase Barron’s Regents Exams & Answers / Chemistry –The Physical Setting (The “RED” book). This book is an excellent source of questions because it is a compilation of the past 9 Chemistry Regents exams and it has a Question Index (pgs 44 -47) which will guide you to the problems pertaining to the unit you are studying. That is, the best way to study and do problems is one unit at a time. When you are studying, for example, Chemical Bonding, just do problems pertaining to this unit (IV) so you can see every which way they ask questions on the concepts tested. This way, do the entire book at least once. After finishing the RED book you can download other exams from the NY State Regents exam website to do them completely (from start to finish). Just one complaint about the Barron’s book, the question index doesn’t contain a separate section devoted to the Solutions Unit. You will find Solutions problems in V. Physical Behavior of Matter, V.8 to V.10.



Q3. How much time will I need to do so?

A1. The entire review contains over 12 hrs of videos. So, although the time needed may vary from student to student, I suggest at least two weeks minimum for adequate preparation. This would allow you to view a new unit every other day and solidify what you learned by doing problems in the Barron’s book. If possible, don’t rush through the material.

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